Is a Pre-stain Wood Conditioner Necessary?

Is a Pre-stain Wood Conditioner Necessary

Staining is an essential part of woodworking due to its benefits and advantages for the longer term. Stain does not only make your project look furnished and premium, but it also increases the strength, overall durability, and reliability. But the thing is, you might have heard about many woodworkers recommending using a pre-stain wood conditioner …

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Can You Screw Into A Wood Filler? [Here’s How]

Can You Screw Into Wood Filler

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional woodworker, if you are seriously into designing woodcrafts, it might take you to join different parts together to make it more appealing or complex sometimes.  However, most of the time wood has surface imperfections like scratches, splits, streaks, knots, or even worm decays. So, the best thing …

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