41 Most Profitable Woodworking Projects That Sell Like CRAZY In 2022

Are you in search of the most beneficial wooden products that really sell? Doesn’t matter if you are a prominent woodworker or a newbie, knowing that what items are profitable and easy to build is always a plus point to start off your woodworking business. Congratulations!  Your probe has ended here because we are here to tell you about what is in demand and people look for. By providing you a list of wooden projects that sell.

Beautifully crafted and unique product designs market value is beyond imagination. It sells a lot. People like to have them. Its main qualities are easy to keep and very essential for daily life. All you need is to make what people search for. Molding outdated designs will never fulfill your requirements.

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41 Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build and Sell In 2022

Following is the list of 41 woodworking projects that are in demand and you should make and sell over several online and offline platforms.

Woodworking projects that sell

1. Stove Covers

Benefit of using a stove cover is, it will protect the stove from dirt and it will also reduce worries of cleaning the stove. Someone can put cook-wears easily on it while not cooking. It will enhance kitchen’s decoration by presenting a wood colored texture.

This small gadget is very much in demand in the USA, trending over search engines and very easy to make. You should definitely give it a try by putting your woodwork skills in order.

2. End Tables

Having an end table in living rooms provides a suitable space for placing items like books, lamps to illuminate the place. End tables also provide storage within easy access from sofa or arm chairs. End tables are widely used for placing show pieces or art collections like pictures and fancy mirrors.

End tables are very easy to build. It takes a few hours to make an end table.

3. Coffee Tables

These are low height tables. Normally kept in sitting places, few inches from sofa to be easily accessible as you can put your magazines, remote controls or other items while enjoying coffee.

Hardwoods are best to make coffee tables. Use transparent or dark shaded glass on its top to give it a stylish look.

4. Console Tables

Console tables are very flexible in usage. These are generally kept in living rooms just closer to the wall. Now modern life smart and slim television sets do not need a console table to be kept, modern TV’s easily can hang on the wall but people still like to have a console table under it. Console tables also serve as storage to keep books, memos, antiques and decoration pieces.

Console tables can payoff you a good reward of your efforts. Very easy to make and yet very much in demand.

5. Indoor Dog Kennels

Dogs love to hustle around all the time. So, an indoor wooden kennel would be best for any dog to get some sleep and rest. A warm bed could also be made in this kennel in winters. That would make the dog happy.

Indoor dog wooden kennels have reasonable demand. It sells a lot. Wooden kennels are bit tricky to make but surely they will generate good revenue.

6. Door Mats

A wooden door mat looks amazing outside pouches, it can also be personalized by adding some colors and wordings to it. It helps to keep the space clean.

This tiny project is as easy to make as you can think. All you need is some hard wood strips which you can attach to each other as you like.

7. Enteryway Benches

Enteryway benches provide extra sitting and storage capacity to the area of the front door which needs it. Benches in bed rooms are used to hold extra bedroom stuff like sheets, pillows and blankets.

This small product is very useful and in demand, which makes it considerable for woodworkers to build and sell.

8. Small Wooden Benches

Small benches are very useful. It can be used for putting small decoration pieces. Small benches are also used for standing up for the purpose of putting a nail into the wall, placing wall clocks and other smaller things. These benches are widely used in living places and workshops.

These benches are made of hardwoods. This tiny project is easy to make and even easier to sell.

9. Blanket Ladders

Being versatile, blanket ladders are not bound to be used for blankets only. There are too many other things you can do with blanket ladders. Blanket ladders are also used to arrange small tools on it. This free up space like tables and stools in places for other needs.

10. Lazy Susan / Turntable

Lazy Susan is a tiny round try, having the ability to revolve. That is used to serve dishes on the dining table. Waiters use it often. It is also used in homes on heavily flooded dining tables, to divide dishes. It also creates extra space in the kitchen to put small objects on it like glasses, spoons and other small crockery items.

11. Wooden Mug Racks

Mug racks are used to hang mugs, placed on the wall, hanging different color mugs on it add some good looking and eye catching color combination to the kitchen as well as appropriate space for mugs.

Mug racks are easy to make. Doesn’t take much time to build a mug rack. You should surely try it.

12. Sofa Arm Tray

Sofa arm tray keeps the sofa arm clean. It protects the sofa arm from rough patches of wet mugs, glasses and other things. One can put his coffee mug on the sofa arm freely when the sofa arm tray is protecting it.

Sofa arm tray is a tiny but the most needed thing. People like their sofa to be protected. It is easy to make too.

13. Cut Boards

Wooden cut boards are used as cutting surfaces. Cut boards are also used for slicing eat-able things like fruits and vegetables. It can be shaped in rectangular, square or round.

Wooden cut boards are often made of hardwood as it meant to be used for chopping purpose.

This small project needs to be lighter in weight as it needs to be carried around sometimes.  The need of every kitchen! makes it very popular and it is in demand. You should make it to sell.

14. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are sort of storage spaces fixed on the wall of living rooms without any visible supports. Floating shelves are frequently used to hold decoration pieces. Very promising in look it gives good color contrast in interior designing of the room

Making a floating shelf is not a big deal. Just take a plain piece of wood and good ahead adding some wood color and fixing studs into the wall behind the shelf.

15. Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are the most durable and useful toys. Wooden toys build hand and eye coordination among children instead of pressing buttons and watching.

It is a perfect holiday gift for children, that’s why its demand rapidly increases in November and December. People like to give presents to their children.

16. Wooden Coasters

Wooden coasters are used to protect all surfaces where users may put a glass of water, hot cup of tea or coffee or other drinking stuff, to avoid any damage to the surface. Coasters also absorb heat and protect the surface of tables.

This product can generate good money by selling it. Its manufacturing cost is very low and doesn’t take too much effort while building it.

17. Wooden Bookmarks

Bookmarks are used in books for readers to mark a point where the reader has stopped reading. It helps the reader to start off reading where he has left. Small cotton string type bookmarks typically come inside books, they break down often. Having a wooden bookmark will make it interesting and it will last for long too.

This item can be easily built. Plywood is frequently used in its manufacturing.

18. Wooden Key Holders

Sometimes, keeping keys and remembering it could be difficult for someone. If it often happens, there could be too much waste of time in finding lost keys.

A key holder can keep this problem away. That’s why a key holder in the house is very important. Hanged on a wall it keeps all important keys together and in before eyes too. It is a good time saver.

This is very small and easy to make kind of objects and it can put some money in your pocket too. You should definitely try to make it and sell hereafter.

19. Wooden Serving Trays

Serving trays are very important frequently used items used for carrying plates of food to serve on dining tables. That is why it should be strong enough to deal with little heavier weights.

It is a daily life’s need to have serving trays in kitchen. No doubt, it will sell a lot! Collect your woodworking skills and build it to earn money.

20. Wooden Walking Sticks

Older persons frequently use walking sticks. It reduces pressure on the spine and knees and makes walking easier for them.

Equally suitable for hikers and older adults, wooden walking sticks possess very good sale value. It is very easy to make too.

21. Tissue Holders

A tissue holder is a must have item in offices, homes or even in cars.

Wooden tissue holder looks unique and presents a good complexion. Typically made of plywood, wooden tissue holders last for long as compared to others.

22. Coat Racks

A coat rack is a set of wooden hooks fixed to the wall. The main purpose of coat rack is it is used to hang coats to keep them plain and stain free.

In bathrooms coat racks can be used to hang towels while in the kitchen it can hold jugs. bowls and other items.

23. Mobile Stand

Mobile phones are very much popular while talking about watching videos. 70% of YouTube views come from mobile devices.

Watching videos for longer times holding mobile phone could be hectic for times. A wooden mobile phone Stand can spare this trouble quite easily which increases it demands over markets.

24. Tree Swings

Chilling out on the lawn is the best way to kill boredom and enjoy a day off with family. Having a tree swing there will make it even better.

People like it in their houses. Children like it the most.

This brilliant project doesn’t require higher woodworking skills. You should surely try it.

25. Mountain Shelves

Hanged on the walls of offices, homes or elsewhere it is required to hold items! Mountain shelves give a promising look to the place and add good space to hold smaller items like books and other things.

26. Business Card Holders

Business card holders are often used in offices. Wooden business card holders are very much popular among people because of its qualities. It makes the table to look catchy by providing a decoration piece kind of look.

27. Flower Vases

A flower vase is an elegantly designed decoration piece. It can be used in either offices or homes. People like decoration pieces a lot. As the spring season going on it is very much in demand it will sell a lot for sure. You should make it.

28. Pet Bowl Stand

Pets, especially dogs, like to lay down while eating. Laying down and eating can cause problems, while bending down and eating can put strain on neck and spine. Older dogs having issues with bones, cannot eat properly for sometimes when food is being served on the ground.

An elevated bowl can make pets relax to eat.

29. Wooden Easel

An easel provides support to objects that are here to be worked upon. Painters frequently use easels to hold canvases.

A wooden easel is a good idea. A wooden easel is easy to shift around and lighter in weight to be carried.

30. Hanging Lights

Wooden hanging lights are very much beneficial in usage, it creates ambiance which makes light comfortable for eyes. Versatility in designs enables users to choose the one they like. Wide range of designs can be adopted while making wooden lights.

Wooden lights are very decorative. Can be installed in dining rooms or sitting places.

31. Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are meant to be used in longer growing seasons. It quickly nourishes the plants depending upon if soil is correctly prepared within them.

Apart from doing mainstream work, raised garden beds are very decorative in looks. It creates charm in gardens or in before farm houses.

32. Separators / Dividers

Wooden separators are thin wooden strips which are used in bookshelves to divide up the book according to genre or group of writers.

Separators can also be used in documents folders to divide up the files.

33. Hexagon Shelves

Hexagon shelves are killing it on Etsy when it comes to sale.

A plane storage items used in business rooms or wherever any exhibition of objects that are for sale is taking place.

Hexagon shelves don’t cost much while manufacturing. Its demand over online marketplaces makes these projects interesting for woodworkers and sellers.

34. Tooth Brush Holders

Wooden toothbrush holders kept in bathrooms give the feel of a decoration piece. There could be nothing easier to make than this. A small and eye catching project that is need of everyone.

35. Step Stools

Step stools are often used to reach higher objects. It provides storage accessibility to places too.

Made of small flat wooden slices step stool is a great object to build and sell after.

36. Pencil Holders

Pencil holder is another minimal project that is very much in demand. It is frequently used in offices.

Its manufacturing is as easy as it looks. All you need a flat rectangular hardwood block. Make vertical holes and your pencil holder is ready. Don’t forget to add wood polishing and colors to give it a convenient look.

37. Bicycle Rack

Made of plywood, a wooden bicycle rack is the perfect solution for bike storage. It also provides storage for helmets.

It always has been in demand. You should try to make it and sell hereafter.

38. Painted Baskets

Baskets are used as portable storage items in households, transferring foods or vegetables and dry fruits from one place to another is its most prominent benefit that user attains.

There are too many dimensions and types of basket that one can try to make. Pick one as you like to shape it.

39. Baby Gates for Stairs

A baby gate is a protective fence which is designed to prevent babies from going to the places where they could be in danger, like stairways and kitchens.

40. Sofa Server Table

Sofa server table makes the living room interior classy. Its main purpose is to serve food in front of the person sitting on the sofa.

Sofa server tables are used to put objects like drinks, laptops and other stuff while playing games or watching television.

41. Soap Dish

Soap dish’s foremost purpose is to not let the bar be in water for all the time.

That’s why after choosing wood material for it, properly sealed and protected wood should be used while building this.

These are forty one wooden projects which are very easy to make and have minimal manufacturing cost. These projects can put some money in your pockets. Having higher profit margins and good demand over marketplaces whether it could be online marketplaces or offline, are key qualities of these projects why you should make and sell them.

Where To Sell Woodworking Projects For Higher Profit?

After building handmade wooden projects, the biggest challenge beginner woodworkers often face is how and where to sell their projects.

We have made a list of marketplaces which are best in this regard. Over these marketplaces you can attain a good profit margin and your product might sell rapidly if you have made these products according to people’s choice.

1. Etsy

Etsy is a famous online marketplace of handmade goods and vintage furniture. Established in 2005, etsy has now build its huge reputation regarding handicrafts by earning buyer’s trust. Buyers who are looking for handicrafts often go to etsy. Etsy gains heavy user traffic, approximately 13 million visits per day provides sellers a golden chance to sell their products. There is no better marketplace to sell your brilliant projects than etsy.

2. ArtFire

Art fire is another online marketplace for crafts. It also provides communication facility to buyers and sellers.

It means sellers and buyers can talk to each other about their respective products, shipments and other queries.

Art fire is smaller in every aspect as compared to etsy but average per month visits of 600k people yet create some chances for sellers of selling their products.

3. Amazon Handmade

Amazon the e commerce giant also has a crafts focused store for artists. Where artists and crafters sell their products to customers around the world. Having huge contrast to etsy, amazon handmade provides you access to a wider customer base. While etsy refers to 35 million specific customers which look for handicrafts only.

4. Folksy

It is an online marketplace for craftsmen and designers belonging from the United Kingdom only. But, if you’re based in the USA, you can also sell on folksy to a United Kingdom audience. However, it’ll increase your project cost because of shipping charges. Folksy can really help you out in selling your products by engaging 300K people to your products for a month.

5. Craigslist

Craglists is a classified advertisement website. Widely regarded for expanding businesses. Many companies in the world use craigslist for posting jobs and advertisements. If you decide to market your wooden projects on craigslist, it can turn out to be a massive boost to your business as it will provide your business vast exposure.

6. Social Media

Social media is a great platform for entrepreneurs to engage with potential audiences.


Being a social media hub, creates a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to convey their businesses to the public, because people from every aspect of life frequently use Facebook. Having such vast community Facebook enables entrepreneurs to market and sell their products through buy and sell goods groups. All you need to do is, take good photos of your wooden objects (as good photos sell the most) and post them in local buy and sell groups. It will surely help you to sell your products.


On Instagram you can use influencer marketing to boost up your business and sell products. Just watch out for active and engaging influencers in your community, reach them out personally. Give them free samples of your wooden products and earn shout outs. It will also help your business.

There are other methods that you can adopt to sell your products locally. Give a name to your business like a brand, have a good business card, go to art galleries and promote your business by attending fairs and festivals.These old school thoughts are still very much reliable to expand any business.

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