Why Are Wood Prices So High? 5 Sources To Buy Cheap Lumber [2023]

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The prices of wood have always been a major concern in wood industry. And this concern has  increased now-a-days due to high prices of wood. The prices of wood mainly depend on its quality, demand and supply. So, based on these features we can identify why is wood so expensive these days.

Wood prices are so high these days because of increased shortage of lumber. This shortage of lumber has increased its demand to more than 80%. This is probably due to Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, failure of replantation at forests might be a cause. So, wood prices has increased in lumber industry, wood market, building industry and other areas of wood usage.

What Is Driving Wood Prices Up In 2023?

why wood prices are so high

The time, shortage and demand are those causes which have made life more costly. So, prices of wood are also affected by these causes as well. As the previous year was a difficult one for all of us, so it was for lumber industry as well. This issue has started from the start of the pandemic 2019 and has continued till now.

1. Excessive Cutting Of Trees

Excessive cutting of trees has lead to wood shortage and increased prices.

2. Failure to Deliver Wood

Due to pandemic different routes are blocked which lead to failure of delivering woods.

3. Failure of Replantation

More trees are cutting down and no one is paying attention on their growth. So, this has caused failure of replantation.

4. Forest Fires

Last year many forest fires has destroyed a lot of trees which has cost us in the form of increased shortage and increased wood prices.

5. Increased Housing

The increased population has demanded more houses due to which more supply of wood is needed. This demand has increased prices.

When Will Lumber Prices Go Down

wood prices

The prices of wood will expectedly go down in the next few months this year. But this all depends upon on the balance between demands and supplies. This decline in prices of wood will surely be due to:

1. Seasonality

The prices of wood are expected to be decline in a few months due to the change of seasons. As we know, the demand of wood is always more likely to increase in winter season. So, was the demand in previous year. As the season is changing so we could expect a decline in the prices of wood.

The production of wood, however, has an inverse relation with the demand and prices of wood. As the spring season starts, the production of woods increases incredibly. This high production makes the prices to come at a normal level. So, the usage increases. However, in winter season as compared to spring season the production of woods has to suffer a lot of challenges which leads to shortage.

2. Covid-19 Pandemic Issues

As the effects of pandemic are starting to decline this year so we might expect a decline in the prices of wood. The previous struggles with the shutdowns of lumber supply has expected to come down.

In order to control the alarming shortage of wood we have to recover the supplies that were lost in the recent pandemic. Moreover, due to pandemic, besides the shortage of wood there was another problem. The routes through which most of the lumber was supplied were blocked due to pandemic. So, as the blocked routes are opening we can say that this rise in prices will now decline this years as soon as the issues are going to be resolved.

Cheapest Wood to Buy

The cheapest wood that you can buy depends upon your location, demand and overall usage. Moreover, other than these we might consider the type of wood first. Among softwood, pine is the cheapest one to buy for. But Among hardwood the cheapest one is maple others also include poplar, beech, knotty, alder ,and white oak. So, it all depends on your usage and quality urge.

Pine is a type of soft wood and grows fairly fast than others. As it grows fast, so its supplies remain fairly flat and you can easily find it anywhere. It is less costly than others and being a soft wood its also less prone to damage. Moreover, pine has great blending qualities and it mixes well with other woods. It is used greatly for furniture purposes.

However, maple is highly reliable, famous, has more elegant colors and grain-features. Moreover, it matches more good factors like wood density and beauty.

You can also consider Rubberwood.

Where to Buy Cheap Wood? (Top 5 Sources)

The top 5 sources from where you can buy cheap wood are:

1. Advertising Woodworking Companies:

All wood companies, furniture makers or stores, all types of cabinet manufacturers, and other wood using companies are a good source of wood break offs and throw outs. All these companies use good hardwoods. So, you can get cheap wood here. All these woods discards come in short, amorphous pieces. But you have to compromise certain things if you are willing to buy cheap wood.

2. Lumber Mills and Yards

Just like wood working companies, wood mills and yards also produce a large amount of wood cut offs. You can find incredible pieces here. Also, as compared to companies, mills and yards give more important to space so you can get wood even more easily. But this type of wood may contain bugs and again you have to let these things go as a compromise.

3. Woodworking Forums

Woodworking forum is a platform where you can buy cheap and quality wood daily. There are many dealers with remarkable deals who are willing to sell wood. You can get great wood at reduced prices there. But you have to spent a lot of time there to find out quality and cheap deals.

4. Buying Wood From Junk Market

Any type of wood that you need can be found at junk market or stores and sale yards. This wood is old, durable and long-lasting. All you have to do is go around the market find some good piece to use. As the wood available at such markets is in the form of furniture so you have to re work on it. Just pay some sweat on this and you’re all good with it.

5. Buying Cheap Wood From Deconstructions

Most people demolish their houses, factories ,and stores in order to remodeled them. So whenever you listen about anything like this somewhere just go their and convince them to deconstruct the wood workings instead of demolishing. This wood is also old, reliable and seasoned. The wood pieces might be of any type like wood doors, windows, ceilings and floor coverings. So you don’t have to pay much and can get cheap wood easily.

Wood Alternatives

There are a lot of alternatives that can be use in place of wood. As trees are being cutting down rapidly and most of time we have to bear the shortage of wood. So, we must thought about alternatives that can be used in its place. Following are some of the Alternatives:

1. Plants Excluding Trees

Plants other than trees include bamboos. This is actually a type of grass having remarkable strength  used in furniture and floor coverings etc.

2. Vinyl

Its a plastic material used in place of wood in bathrooms and kitchens etc. It is also easy to use.

3. Plywood

Constructed from thin wood sheets, plywood is used in worktops.

4. Veneer

High quality veneer is used for book shelves, wardrobes and furniture as well.

5. Cork

A material made of barks used in floorings, in construction ,and in remodeling.

6. Wood Wastes

The wood wastes like residue or throw offs are being used for makings boards like fiber boards and practical boards etc.

7. Hemp

Hemp is a kind of crop with great growth abilities. It can be used in place of wood and other materials.

8. Recycled materials

Materials like recycled newspapers, straw , and nutshells can be used as a wood substitute.

9. Cardboard

Cardboard made of different substitutes  of plywood used for a number of purpose.

10. Soy

This is a plant that is being used as an insulating material for traditional wood, carpets, and paint.

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