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Table Saw Alternatives – What Can I Use Instead Of A Table Saw?

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There are literally hundreds of tools and machines you would require if you are willing to enter the woodworking industry. Out of those things, there is a table saw which is also considered as one of the most crucial tools for the whole industry. It is used in almost all aspects and offers feasibility to the users. But what if you don’t have one? Not only that, but what if you don’t have space in your small workshop to get a table saw? That is where you might be wondering what I can use instead of a table saw?

Well, don’t worry; there are some solutions that can actually help you out with your problem. They might not be as efficient as the table saw itself, but you will definitely be able to get the work done without any hassles.

How To Rip Wood Without A Table Saw: The Best Alternatives!

If you are actually looking for a table saw alternative, you check the five feasible options mentioned below and see which one would work best for you!

1. Circular Saw

Is there anything more convenient than the circular saw in the woodworking industry? Probably not! It is a handheld machine that can literally be taken anywhere and anyplace without facing any problems. Because of its compact size, woodworkers prefer to use it over any other type of saw for making cuts. But can a circular saw be an excellent alternative for a table saw? Partially yes!

One of the best things about the circular saw is that it comes with a guide system. You don’t really and actually have to worry about the cuts you are making and if they are precise or not. Circular saws are usually perfect for straight cuts and crosscuts because of their specs. Aside from that, users can also replace the blades with any other type they want to get their things done. But of course, due to the size restrictions, you won’t be able to get some other types of cuts that easily, so you will have to compromise on that aspect. But still, it is a great table saw alternative in terms of the price range, size, and the features it can offer for its value.

2. Band Saw

If you are not really willing to go towards a table saw, then a band saw can be your greatest bet in this regard. The thing is, band saw offers exceptional support and vast space to the woodworkers to put the wood pieces with ease without worrying about the space. They are definitely not as big as the table saws, but still, you get enough space to get the things done. Other than that, band saws also work quite similarly to the table saws because of their mechanism. They come with a very long and effective blade that helps the users to cut the wood in precise directions.

Band saws are usually perfect for miter cuts, rip cuts, curved cuts, and crosscuts. Other than that, band saws also allow the users to use different types of blades having specific edges so that you can make the cuts as per your preferences. But still, band saws can consume quite a lot of space in your workshop, so that it can be a great table saw alternative if you are getting a cheap deal.

3. Router

Wood routers can sometimes be unique in the woodworking industry, but they are still beneficial when it comes to making and enhancing the edges or even the bottom of the wood pieces. Routers are primarily used for hollowing an area in the material without any problems.

As you might know, table saws use the blade to make hollows, and as for the routers, there is a rotating blade that does the job. The router might seem a very specific tool to some woodworkers because of the nature of its work, but if you are willing to get something to enhance the edges, perfect the corners, and make precise cuts within the bottom of the wood piece, routers can work quite great. Not only that, but routers can also be used in cutting specific designs from the bottom, but you might have to first implement tracing beforehand to make things easier.

And, of course, routers are handheld and not that hard to carry. A woodworker should just have sturdy hands in order to make the most out of it without ruining the project. If we talk about the difference between router and table saw here, in table saw, you have to move the wood piece to make the bottom cuts. But with the routers, you have to move the router itself to make the cuts or enhance the edges.

4. Jigsaw

Jigsaws can be quite tricky to use, and if you are not really experienced with the woodworking industry, then you might have to face some troubles getting yourself familiar with it. Jigsaws are handheld and can be easily used by anyone. But the actual thing that irritates most of the woodworkers is that the accuracy can be compromised. Until or unless you have to trace on the wood piece, your cuts can be accurate. But if you don’t have tracing made on the wood piece, then all the things can go wrong. But jigsaws do have guides on both sides that can help you make perfect cuts for the edges without worrying about inaccuracy.

Other than that, jigsaws also use a single, shallow, but sharp blade in their mechanism that cuts the wood just as you want. One thing to note here is that jigsaws are not really ideal for the bottom rounds or shaped cuts. If you are really planning to use it for straight cuts only, you will not have to face any problems, but aside from that, the efficiency might be compromised.

5. Miter Saw

Miter saws are the saws that are usually used for custom-specified work. They are specifically designed in a way that they would offer perfect angled cuts in all ways possible. Miter saws are not only used in woodworking, but in other industries too. But if we specifically talk about woodworking and its nature, miter saws can be a great table saw alternative because of their premium functions.

Miter saws can also actually make straight crosscuts, but due to the size restrictions, you might have to put more effort. One important and very crucial thing to note here is that the miter saws are not really portable. You have to put them or fix them at a certain place so that they can be sturdy and stable while you are working. Other than that, woodworkers can also use specific types of blades to equip with miter saws as per their preferences of project type. So if you are a DIY person looking to craft something very different through your ideas, miter saws can help you get out of your mind into actual projects. Make sure to evaluate the prices before getting your hands on a miter saw, or you might actually end up spending as much as you would on a table saw.

Is it worth spending on a table saw alternative rather than buying one?

You might now be thinking that your money will be worth it if you go for an alternative rather than the table saw itself or not? So what is the answer? Well, if you want to spend less and get the work done according to your choices, you will have to compromise on some other things too. It is apparent that the table saw alternatives would not give you the exact results as the table saw, but they will be able to offer you pretty much the same experience like it.

So, in the end, yes, your money can be worth it if you check out your preferences and then choose a table saw alternative for your woodworking journey.

The Verdict!

All the alternatives that are mentioned above offer specific features and functions as per their mechanism. Now it depends on your working style and the projects you usually opt for that which one would suit you the best. So go through all of the choices and then make a concrete decision which table saw alternative is good for your needs!

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