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What Is The Standard Table Saw Height To Work Efficiently?

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One of the most vital tools that can make your woodworking relatively better is undoubtedly a table saw. But if you have not opted for one already, do you know what should be the suitable Table saw height for you? Many of the beginners or even professionals don’t know about this aspect. Believe me, this aspect can significantly affect your working with the Table saw, and you will find it easy and convenient to work when you opt for a suitable table saw height.

The preferably most suitable Table saw height can range from anywhere between 30 to 40 inches. The average Table saw height most of the woodworkers opt for is 34 inches as it is the most feasible. But you can surely choose another size as per your height and preferences.

But the question is, what Table saw height should you choose according to your height and style?

Picking The Best Table Saw Height As Per Your Requirements!

The easy way to conclude what Table saw height would work best for you is to check if the Table is high enough not to let you bend your back. If you have to bend your back in order to place your hands on the Table, that Table saw will not work better for you in the future. You will have constant back pain that can also reduce your productivity and create consequences in the longer run.

If you plan to buy a table saw from a physical store, you can visit them and check out different varieties. Then you can opt for the one that is offering enough height not to let you bend your back in any way.

But what Table saw height will you choose if you are planning to buy your Table saw online? No worries! I have an easy solution for that too! You will have to find a table in your house, consider it as a table saw, act as you have just put a plank on it, and see if you have bent your back or not. If not, then the size of that Table will be good for you. If yes, you will have to increase a few inches per your calculation to get the perfect Table saw for your needs.

But as we all know that there are portable table saws too, what about them? Can you adjust their height quickly and efficiently? Well, let’s find out!

Can You Adjust The Height Of Portable Table Saws?

Most people opt for portable table saws for two reasons:

  • Cheaper than the actual table saws
  • Easy adjustability

Portable table saws can unquestionably offer great portability to the woodworkers, and that is why they also attract many users. But besides the portability, you still have to get a table on which you can place the Table saw. Not only a table, but you will have to find a table that can also provide you sturdiness during the work. You cannot expect to work better if your Table is vibrating drastically all the time.

Aside from that, portable table saws are also usually not that durable as standard table saws. You might have to face several broken pieces from your Table saw after the use of several months. So if you want to take risks, you can go for it. Otherwise, I will advise you to stick with standard table saws.

Recommended portable table saw: DEWALT Table Saw Compact, 8-1/4-Inch (DWE7485)

How Can You Adjust Table Saw Height With The Mobile Base?

It can be tricky to adjust Table saw height with the mobile base because manufacturers offer different types of methods to adjust the height. There is either a lever provided, a hydraulic, or a simple screw system to adjust the Table saw height. But if you are getting a custom-made one, you will have the opportunity to keep the height as you want.

Other Features To Consider When Buying A Table Saw

We have indeed discussed what Table saw height you should opt for when buying a table saw, but what about the other factors? Don’t they matter in woodworking? They do! That is why it is better to keep them in mind too so that you won’t have to face other problems while working with your saw!

1. Type

As we have discusses before, you can opt for a portable table saw too if you are not want to spend that much money. So check out what your preferences are and if you can arrange all the essential things required to use a portable table saw accurately and smoothly, and then pick any one of the types that suits you well.

2. The Gauge

If you don’t want your wood to cut down inaccurately and you don’t want to face the wrath of your customers, you will probably have to focus on this feature. The miter gauge helps you cut the wood accurately as it is placed parallel to the blade. If you know how to use a table saw, this will make it easy for you to follow the accuracy.

3. Size

This feature solely depends on the projects that you are going to take. Different woodworkers opt for more minor projects due to their capabilities and available resources. As for the others, they opt for more significant projects due to their working style. If you want to take bigger projects too, you might have to opt for a more comprehensive table saw. If not, you can go with a small table saw for small projects, and it will do just fine! But do remember that you will have to spend some extra bucks (or more than extra) to get a giant table saw. So choose wisely!

4. Tearing Capacity

Size defines the space of a table saw, whereas tearing capacity defines the space available from blade to fence. The scenario with tearing capacity is also like the size, as you will have to check your preferences. You will have to go for a table saw that is offering more rip capacity if you have big projects in hand. Otherwise, you can opt for any which is suitable for your needs.

5. Fences

One of the biggest mistakes that woodworkers make is that they don’t check out or give attention to the fences of a table saw. Most of the table saws on the internet do not come with fences, which does not mean that you should not get them. Fences are placed on a table saw to limit you from proceeding further with the wood, or else it will get unbalanced, and the alignment can get wrong. So if you do not want that to happen, do not forget to check the fences on your Table saw.

6. Blade Size

Blade size can significantly affect your woodworking, and you will feel a significant difference while using a bigger blade. But the blade size is directly proportional to the Table saw size. This means that the bigger the Table saw you choose, the bigger the blade you will get. You cannot get a bigger blade on a small-sized table saw as it will become impossible to keep the sturdiness and accuracy with it.

7. Dust Collection

The dust collection features are still not that efficient even after years of better technology. But still, it is a good idea to have a table saw with a dust collector to reduce the dust and stop you from inhaling it. Wood dust can seriously damage your lungs and can create significant problems and breathe problems. This usually happens if you are exposed to dust for an extended period. That is why it is better to have a dust collector to reduce the chances of dust exposure.

You can check my recommendation for Dust Collection here: 9 Best Saw Dust Collectors For Woodworking [2021]

8. Protective Measures

The last thing that you can check out is the protective measures offered in the Table saw. Protective measures usually include a guard on the blade, rubberized corners, and such things. These things ensure nothing happens to the woodworkers while working on their projects. But most of the users also not like to have a guard placed on the blade because it can be a big hassle to deal with it when working on bigger sizes of wood.

The Final Verdict

After checking out the Table saw height, it is recommended that you also go through the features mentioned above. It will help you know exactly what you are getting for yourself. After that, you will have to take a look at your budget and decide which model you can afford.

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