How To Get Paint Off Hardwood Floor Easily?

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Hardwood floors are some of the finest-looking floors one can get for their houses. But they can be quite complicated too when it comes to their cleaning and management. Not only that, the scenario can become even worse if you splatter paint on your hardwood floor and don’t know the right methods to take it off.

Well, that is why I have decided to share a few methods that will surely help you to get paint off the hardwood floor without damaging it and its beauty. You will just need the right equipment and techniques, and you will be good to go! And yes, it is also quite important to evaluate and determine what type of paint has been splashed on your floor. If not, you will only be wasting your time trying the methods that won’t really work.

How to determine the paint type splattered on the hardwood floor?

The simplest way to determine what type of paint has been splattered on your hardwood floor is to use cotton and alcohol. Make sure to wet the cotton with rubbing alcohol and rub it lightly on the paint that is splattered on the floor. If nothing happens and paint remains the same, know that it is oil-based paint. If not, and you find some residue or even paint itself coming off, then it is a water-based paint.

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How to get water-based paint off the hardwood floor?

Let’s first discuss how you can get water-based paint off the hardwood floor. There are multiple methods that you can try and see the results for yourself.

1. Using the heat gun or maybe a hairdryer!

The best and easiest way to get water-based or even oil-based paint off a hardwood floor is to use a heat gun. Do remember that a heat gun works flawlessly here, but if you don’t have one, you can even try a hairdryer with an excessive amount of heat range.

All you will actually have to do is point the heat gun or the hairdryer right on top of the paint and let it be for a few seconds. During the process, you should start scraping off the paint with a putty knife as the paint would have gotten soft due to the heat.

2. Rubbing alcohol!

This method usually only works for water-based paints, and it might disappoint you when tried on the oil-based paint. As mentioned a few paragraphs above, you will simply have to use cotton or a soft piece of cloth and dip it deep in the rubbing alcohol. You can then simply try scraping off the paint with that cloth to get the paint off from the hardwood floor.

3. The combo of soap and water!

Yes, the combo of water and soap can save you a big hassle when it comes to taking paint off hardwood floors. Again, this method is recommended for water-based paint due to its properties. For it to work out, you will have to put some soap in warm water and mix it thoroughly. Then you can use a piece of cloth, make it completely wet in soapy water, and then scrub the paint off from the floor. The combo of soap and water simply makes the paint soft, resulting in its easy removal.

How to get oil-based paint off the hardwood floor?

We have now seen what methods you can use to get oil-based paints off hardwood floors. Well, this time, you can check out the methods you can use to get oil-based paints off your hardwood floors.

1. Using third-party paint removers!

If you think it would actually be easier to get oil-based paints off your hardwood floor, then no, you are wrong! Oil-based paints can create some massive troubles, and they don’t even come off completely in that case. This is also why you have to be extra cautious and choose the right products.

As for the first method, you can buy a good quality paint remover of a popular or trusted brand. All you will precisely have to do is spray the paint remover on the surface with paint on it and rub it off after a few seconds. This method works for both oil-based and water-based paints.

2. Paint thinners

Just like their name suggests, paint thinners are used for completely removing the paint, no matter the type. But the thing is, paint thinners can be quite dangerous for hardwood floors. They can ruin the overall finish or even damage the original color of the wood. Well, that is why you can try reading out the properties of paint thinner you are going to use and if they are safe to use on hardwood floors.

Things to keep in mind while getting paint off the hardwood floor!

Almost all of the methods that you can use to get paint off hardwood floors are mentioned above. But while implying them, there are a few things you should keep in mind to not let things go south.

  • Be gentle: No, it is not what you are thinking. By being gentle, I specifically mean not to use excessive force to get the paint off. If you do so, you might damage the finish of the wood and make it look worse than before.
  • Do not go for cheap products: Hardwood floors can be quite expensive, and it is not really a good idea to compromise on the things that can take the paint off of them. 
  • Use the right equipment: Using a screwdriver over a knife putty will only screw your floor and nothing else. In other words, use only the right equipment and try not to find the alternatives that can ruin your experience.

The Verdict!

Don’t worry if you have splattered paint on your hardwood floor or you have found a paint spot that you want to remove. Just determine what type of paint it actually is, and see what method you can use. Take the right precautions, opt for the right equipment, and follow the processes thoroughly to get the best possible results.

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