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Corded VS Cordless Circular Saw – Are Cordless Circular Saws Worth It?

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It can be tough sometimes to choose a circular saw because a wide range of circular saw is available. They have almost similar powers and procedures but a worker’s curiosity for the best tool stands tall here! A man’s desire of satisfaction keeps him suspicious. Hence search for the best is still on!

In some manners cordless circular saws are worth it. Cordless is great if you are moving around and don’t need to do lots of cuts, but when you have power available and you do work for long with hard wooden materials then a cordless circular saw is not the right choice for you.

They have almost similar powers like other regular saw models. a 20V lithium ion rechargeable battery makes them run. It can easily cut 3 inches dimensional wood because it has a powerful 7 inch diameter circular saw blade.

Their abilities to cut different materials may create differences between corded and cordless circular saws but cordless circular saws have other amazing features which makes them a great tool to have for woodworkers.

Corded Vs Cordless Circular Saws

In this article we will be holding a comparison between cordless and corded circular saws by describing their key features and benefits they can present to you.


Cordless circular saws AKA battery powered circular saws are the most portable members of the circular saw family. They are very handy to perform overhead operations and you do not need to be worried about cable management, it can also be taken outside of the workshops where there is no power available but a saw is needed.

Well when we talk about portability, corded circular saw are not even closer to the cordless ones. They can be a little bit portable if a long power cord is available. It’s quite a misfortune as the majority of manufacturers do not provide longer power cords for circular saws.

Power Source

Cordless circular saw uses lithium ion rechargeable battery. Battery rating may depend on saw sizes. Stock models normally have 18 to 20 volts batteries. A recharging station is included by manufacturers in saw kits, which will help you to recharge the battery of cordless circular saw.

Corded circular saws use power cord (generator or a supply outlet) to run which is an unlimited power source. It also enlarges their working capacity as well as it puts you on the verge of power breakdown because power is not a thing always available, it becomes a sudden full stop to the work for special conditions.


Cordless circular saws are heavier in weights. It’s their batteries which makes them heavy. One thing that should be kept in mind is that if you are a hobbyist and you often work in your home then weight is not that important. You can go for cordless circular saws without any hurdles.

Corded circular saws are lighter as compared to cordless. It’s really important because heavier tools can cause fatigue to the operators. As we know cordless circular saws are not recommended for longer cuts while corded saws are considered best when it comes to long working hours and cuts. So, it’s a balanced situation for both of the variants here! You can easily gain other benefits of cordless circular saw by putting weight behind.

Cutting Powers

Any of saw’s cutting powers depend upon the speed and initial torque which it creates. Cordless circular saws totally rely on their batteries and its capabilities. If the battery is weakened or it’s not charged perfectly, it will eventually affect the generation of speed and torque.

It is a slight drawback that cordless circular saw brings because the battery’s health does not remain the same. It needs to be replaced. That causes extra charges to the buyer.

Dedicated power cord makes corded circular saw enable to generate enough speed and torque to go through the difficult cuts of hard materials. It also provides opportunities for working long to the worker until there is an electricity breakdown. It really matters when a lot of work is required.


Budget has always been the most important factor that a consumer focuses while buying a tool. Cordless circular saws are not budget friendly, they are very much expensive as compared to corded circular saws. They can cost you much when you buy a complete cordless circular saw package which includes a brake kit too.

That’s again! Another plus point to the corded circular saw as they are not that expensive yet very powerful circular saws. Expending extra money and paying that much for just the sake of cord removal and a kit, does not make sense.

It does make sense when you need the extra features which cordless circular presents. It depends upon your requirements. If you often do outdoor work where there is no power available you should definitely choose cordless circular saw.

Cordless Circular Saw Battery Life

Battery is the integral part of the cordless circular saw. So, the question is how long a cordless circular saw battery lasts?

It particularly depends on how you use your cordless circular saw and what kind of projects you handle with it. That determines the power requirements of your circular saw.

If you work on hard material with your cordless circular saw then its quite certain that your cordless circular saw drives more power and it will drain the battery fast.

Even the greatest cordless saw would not be able to compete with corded ones. If you often come across larger projects and harder materials then you will need to keep extra batteries for backup purpose.

Why Are Most Cordless Circular Saws Left Handed?

Battery powered circular saws meant to cut in the straight line. So a great look at the blade’s cutting spot is required. Left handed saws provide closer look to the cutting area for right handed operators. This configuration also makes your body safe from kick back consequences.

Should I Buy A Cordless Circular Saw?

Both of the saw are quite similar. The cordless circular saw is more of a portable tool and it has good power too, on the other hand a corded circular saw is a workspace tool that can handle difficult jobs.

So the answer relies on your working requirements. If a circular saw is meant to be used on tougher projects than a corded circular saw is a great choice for you. You should not buy the cordless one.

Have a quick assessment of your needs and understand cordless circular saw’s limitations. Then wisely choose your required tool as we have described both of the circular saws quite briefly. An appropriate circular saw type will provide better performance and benefits to you.

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