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Circular Saw Smoking? Here’s What Your Saw’s Trying To Tell You!

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While cutting hardwood pieces there is always a possibility that your circular saw might smoke. After seeing this, the first question the user’s mind would ask is Why is my circular saw smoking and from where this smoke is coming?

A longer instant of cutting, dampness of wooden piece, a dull blade and user errors are key factors that can cause a circular saw to smoke for some time. Excluding motor burn out, as if it has happened to your motor, it is quite certain that your motor needs to be repaired.

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Why Is Your Circular Saw Smoking? Top 5 Reasons Explained

We will discuss these factors further in this article that how it actually happens and creates trouble for the user. We will talk much about friction because it is the prime reason behind circular saw smoking. It may also reduce the circular saw’s cutting abilities.

1. Longer Cutting Period

Even a semi dull blade cannot handle the pressure of longer cutting periods as it will create excessive friction with the wood and by heating up it may create smoke by rubbing with wood at higher speeds.

2. Damp Wood

Dampness of wood can be a reason for smoke coming from saw while cutting. It is understood that dampness makes wood harder to cut. Saw blades run at high speeds though wood is harder and wet. The hotness of the blade may oxidize the moisture and eventually smoke will come up.

3. Dull Blade

If the blade of your saw is dull, it will never go fluent through the cuts. By running idle, it will develop great friction with the wooden piece, it will produce some heat than smoke and fire hereafter if you keep running it.

4. Filthy Blade

If you have worked for long with your circular saw, by cutting different types of woods, a sticky sort of substance, which is called pitch, will emerge on your circular saw’s blade teeth. By making the blade hard to slice through materials, pitch can also lead circular saw to smoke.

5. User Errors

Circular saws are used to make curveliner and straight cuts. If your holding positions are not good for its cutting limitations then it may cause smoke from circular saw due to harsh  behaviour of the user.

What To Do If Your Circular Saw Is Smoking?

Friction has been considered the culprit which tends circular saw to smoke. All you need to do is to take a few steps forward to reduce friction for elimination of circular saw smoking.

Following are a few steps that you can take in this regard…

1. Cut Short

If you are cutting a thick wooden piece and here comes a point where the edge of wood is not making contact with the circular saw blade. Avoid applying force! As it will tear up your blade and damage its teeth. Flip the wooden piece and cut it from the opposite angle. Your circular saw will definitely rip through the wood easily.

2. Avoid Moisture

Always avoid cutting damp woods until it’s necessary to cut natural wet wood, always dry the casual wood if there is noticeable dampness within it. If it is needed then always use sharp blades or lubricate the existing one before applying it to wet woods.

3. Choose Correct Blade

Always select best quality blades as it is the main and always working part of your circular saw. It needs to be strong enough to handle pressure and speed. Different types of blades are available in the market. We will suggest the best one later in this article.

What is the best circular saw blade for hardwood?

Number of teeth and toughness of the material, manufacturer has used in the molding of the blade matters a lot! Tougher the blade is lesser it will tear and eventually last for long. The DEWALT DWA171460 7-1/4-Inch 60-Tooth Circular Saw Blade is the best option available right now which possesses all the qualities you may look for in a good blade.

4. Avoid Pitch

Wooden residue particles stuck on the teeth of circular saw blades are called pitch. It makes the blade dull and causes rusting if it stays for long. Always use carbonized blades as they are the best in avoiding pitch.

5. Correct Holding Positions

Awkwardly holding and operating the circular saw may put extra strain on the circular saw blade,  always hold your circular saw properly as different holding positions and angles are adopted to perform different types of cuts.

There are some other reasons that can’t be ignored. There could be something wrong with your circular saw’s motor too.

Motor Issues

First of all you have to identify the smoke by its odor. If it smells like burnt wood then it is certain that your saw blade and wood are creating smoke.If it smells different than unfortunately your motor has gone through serious damage. Replacement or repair of the motor is the only solution left here. Keep in mind that there is nothing that someone can do about a thoroughly burnt out motor.

Good Luck…

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