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Here’s Why Your Circular Saw Is Making Grinding Noise!

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Are you worried about noises coming from your saw? Don’t think too much because circular saws are not that quite by default. Whenever you get some extra loud noises like grinding, screeching and other hard noises from your saw, that is the time when your saw is trying to tell you something. So why is your circular saw making a grinding noise?

A small gear coupling set is used in circular saw to make a contact between motor and the blade assembly to make the blade run, this gear coupling set can be damaged by looseness, less lubrication and tear of the coupling which leads it to make grinding noise.

So, What Causes Circular Saw To Make Grinding Or Screeching Noises?

Universal motors are used in circular saws. These motors are very noisy by their nature. Most of the louder noises you hear from your circular saw are because of inner friction of the universal motor. Ignore all other small noises as they are for usual. Except the one which makes the most of trouble! The grinding noise. But what to do for now how to reduce the grinding noise?

The ultimate fix that we can make to fix the grinding noise is the replacement of the gear coupling set. It is a fragile component of circular saw that can’t be fixed if it wears out for once.

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circular saw making grinding noise

How To Replace Gear Coupling Set of Circular Saw?

Now the only question which comes to mind is how to replace the gear coupling set of the circular saw. Following is the complete walkthrough to the procedure.

Step 1.

Remove the blade carefully by removing the main screw of the blade which is placed in its center. Take out the blade and now remove the blade guard by displacing the base clamp lever of the saw.

Step 2.

Remove the oil fill nut bolt assembly and now drain the oil from the gearbox. Remove the guard plate from the saw.

Step 3.

Take out the front cap from the box. Now engage the spindle lock and remove the nut at the end of the armature shaft.

Step 4.

Now open the brushes guarding nuts to take out the brushes from either sides of the motor. Keep the brushes at a safe place as it is sensitive material.

Step 5.

Remove the back half of the gear box by removing the four bolts that secure the gearbox from the motor half. Now remove the saw from the rear half of the electric drive.

Step 6.

Put a gentle strike of any hard object at the end of the armature shaft to tap it out.

Step 7.

Remove the base of the saw with the help of screw driver. Now remove the spindle and place the screwdriver tip underneath and gently ply it out.

Step 8.

Open the access cover of the gearbox, take bearings out and have a quick scan over them, replace them if they are not usable anymore, if they are still good to be used then put them back in the housing and tap until they are properly seated.

Step 9.

Place the spindle into the bearings by putting spindle’s shorter grooves side towards the motor.

Step 10.

Now install new gear and spindle in the housing by remembering that the two different sides of the flange must be placed downwards to the housing.

Step 11.

Now assemble your saw back to its previous state as it was, pour some lubrication oil in the gearbox and your saw is now ready to operate.

We can make precautionary measures to avoid prompt replacement of gearboxes in the future. This specific component of circular saw needs lubrication at most as it is the main point where all the pressure of workload helds. Kickbacks can be a reason to wear and tear off the gearbox. Try to avoid kickbacks as it may help your saw to work quieter and smoother.

What Is The Most Quietest Way To Cut The Wood?

Well, There are few options available you can choose either of them to meet your requirements regarding noise levels.

  1. Use Quiet Circular Saw
  2. Use Hearing Protection Headphones

1. Quietest Circular Saw

There are few circular saws available in the market that provide noise reduction. I would like to  recommend Makita 5402NA 16-5/16-Inch Circular Saw . As It is the quietest yet affordable circular saw right now.

2. Hearing Protection Headphones

If you don’t want to spend money on a new circular saw, then another option is to invest in hearing protection headphones. You can wear these headphones all the time while working on any saw in your workshop. My personal recommendation for best hearing protection headphone is Howard-Leight-R-01526.

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