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7 Best Circular Saw Guide Rails For Straight Cuts 2022

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There is a small difference in measurement between a perfect cut and one that is all over the place. A wrong cut not just causes frustration, it also increases the cost of products that customers aren’t excited to pay for. However, it is not always the worker’s fault, most of the time it is because of faulty equipment. For those who use circular saws, a quality guide rail is a must.

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7 Best Circular Saw Guide Rails in Market 

There are many circular saw guide rails that are available in the market. However, not all of them do justice. Some of them are so bad that instead of making things work in favor. They go off the hook and risk your creativity and precision as a craftsman. That’s the reason why we have listed the best ones in the prevailing market. 

One of the reasons why we are suggesting these products is based on three things – how it works around wood, how safe you remain while working with these saw rails, and how good the end result is.

1. E. Emerson Tool Co. Self Employed All-in-One Vise Tool Guide

E. Emerson Tool Co. C50 50-Inch All-In-One Contractor Straight Edge Clamping Tool Guide
  • Straight Edge - E. Emerson’s Contractor Series self-clamping straight edge patented design has integral tubes running the length...
  • No C-clamping - No more C-clamping! Achieve that truly straight cut using this self-clamping straight edge to guide your tools.
  • Extra Wide - This self clamping straight edge is extra wide for exceptional rigidity and has a low profile for obstruction-free...
  • Flat Top - The extra low profile and flat top makes it easier for all circular saw or router straight cuts.
  • Contractor Series - Please note: recessed tracks accept Contractor Series Saw Plate, Router Plate, and Stop Block. But it will not...

E.Emerson’s C50 is one of the top-rated tool guides on the market. It features Aluminum and Nylon as the construction material and a design that offers versatility to the contractors. What makes Aluminum ideal for the guide is that it does not just offer strength but is also lightweight. Hence, the users can move the guide from one table to another with ease. And also, the overall structure is sturdy enough to withstand the abuse of heavy-duty equipment.

Furthermore, when we talk about circular saw guide rails. This one comes in our mind. Reason is simple. This guide is designed for 50-inches tables but with minor adjustments, users can mount it on smaller surfaces as well. It also features a simple but reliable locking system that keeps the guide in place to provide a perfect straight edge for circular saws. Best part? The screws stick directly on the jaws which means no additional accessories are required.

C-Clamping is probably the most frustrating experience for woodworkers. It not just damages the design but also makes you lose focus. Fortunately, this guide solves that problem and provides straight and clean cuts. In addition, the guide also has a flat top which also aids both circular and router saws to make straight cuts.

Moving on, the straight edge of the guide is extra-wide which offers strength while maintaining a low profile to avoid obstruction. Despite the size of this guide, the workers would not feel limited while using circular or router saws. 

That said, the guide is not compatible with the A, Twin, and Ultra series of the product. However, it will accept all the other contract series router plates and saw plates.

  • Pros
  • Sturdy but lightweight structure
  • Can be used for both router and circular saws
  • Works on smaller surfaces as well
  • No other attachments are needed
  • Low profile despite extra wide jaws
  • Cons
  • Not compatible with Ultra Series Product

2. KREG 48-Inch Precision Cut Circular Saw Tracking System

Circular Saw Track (Circular Saw Track)
  • Rip, crosscut, and make angled cuts up to 50" Long in plywood, MDF, and panels
  • Simply align the guide Track with your marks to make accurate cuts
  • Hold track in place without clamps thanks to anti-slip guide strips

Circular Saw Track is one of the most affordable rail guides on the market. It is rated Amazon's choice on which speaks for the quality itself. The 50-inches long guide features aluminum as construction material. It not only brings strength and durability but is also lightweight which makes it very convenient to carry around.

The guide features a universal sled that fits almost all circular saws. Besides that, it is compatible with other products of the company as well. Hence, you do not have to buy new equipment or accessories just to work on this guide. Furthermore, the guide is equipped with an anti-slip and anti-chip mechanism which prevents it from sliding while you are working on it. The strips hold the track perfectly in place.

In addition, it also has an aluminum guide track which helps you easily track and make straight cuts. You can get high-quality cuts with the circular saw of your choice by aligning the guide track with marks. The four feet capacity of the guide also helps in the process. Kreg Circular Saw Track System is the easiest to assemble and disassemble, ensuring it to be in the list of circular saw guide rails. It just takes a few minutes to set it up and when you’re done you can pack it back in the gearbox.

  • Pros
  • Affordable price tag
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Minimum C clamping
  • Equipped with anti-slip and anti-chip mechanisms
  • Offers accurate cuts
  • Cons
  • Sled design isn’t well executed

3. Kreg KMA2685 Rip-Cut Round Saw Guide

Kreg KMA2685 Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide, Blue
  • Make rip cuts and crosscuts up to 24" Wide
  • Cut multiple pieces to the same size With just one setup
  • Use the oversize edge guide for precise control throughout the cut

Kreg Rip-Cut is a solution for those that are looking for a quality saw guide without breaking the bank. It is one of the most inexpensive saw guides you can get your hands on. However, the inexpensive price tag does not come at the cost of quality or performance.

The guide is suitable for making precise cuts that go up to 24 inches. It will provide high definition cuts even when the material is large without damaging the sheets. Furthermore, the oversize edges of the guide offer extreme precision. Interestingly, it cuts along the corners and edges of the material. This allows the craftsman to control and cut in a straighter line. 

Moreover, this comes in the list of guide rails because of the features it possesses. This guide features a compact design and aluminum as construction material. It means that instead of bringing the material to the saw. You can bring the saw near the material. That said, there are no anti-slip mechanisms which might be a problem for some users. However, the guide is intended for beginners so that would not be much of an issue.

Lastly, the guide also features universal fits. It is also considered as an extremely circular saw which fits the entire Kreg family. It does not need additional accessories to work which frankly is all one can ask for with this price tag.

  • Pros
  • Inexpensive
  • Offers precise cuts
  • The universal sled that can accommodate most circular saws
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Cons
  • Not very durable

4. POWERTEC 71387 Guide Rail

POWERTEC 71387 55” Guide Rail Joining Set & Oshlun SBFT-160048 160mm 48 Tooth FesPro Crosscut ATB...
  • Product 1: Kit includes: (2) 55” guide rails and (2) track saw guide rail connectors
  • Product 1: Function: This exclusive track saw track connector kit conveniently helps you to align your saws, while connecting one...
  • Product 1: Premium quality: Made from professional grade extruded aluminum for high performance use, long lasting durability and...
  • Product 1: Compatibility: The 55” GUIDE rails work seamlessly with the Makita plunge saw and Festool track saws
  • Product 2: Fits: Festool TS 55 EQ or ATF 55 E, DeWalt DWS520 and Makita SP6000K

POWERTEC comes in two pieces and is dubbed as an all-in-one kit by the manufacturer. The setup offers a dependable guide system that has been optimized for saw-cutting operations. You will have the tracks aligned with the track which provides precise cut and professional results. The material used in this unit is aluminum that is not just lightweight but imparts strength and durability to the unit as well.

Each of the tracks acts as an optimizer and provides consistency and accurate results. This also saves time in controlled assembly and design. Best part? You can also use connectors individually to make for a limitless number of rail guides. However, if you need more than two rails you will have to make more than one purchase.

Clamps are also designed for the T-Track saw guides and cutting systems. Their design is universal which makes them highly versatile and can be used with a variety of woodworking applications. Furthermore, the clamps are ideal for one-hand operations and include a squeeze grip to maintain maximum workpiece security. You would not encounter bending or fraying of the sheet regardless of how thin it is.

  • Pros
  • Can be used for a variety of woodwork applications
  • Clamps are universal
  • Does not damage the sheet
  • Sturdy construction
  • Tracks can be used separately
  • Cons
  • Expensive unit

5. Bora NGX Saw Plate

Bora NGX Saw Plate Includes 55" Non-Chip Strip That Elimates Tear Out, Designed for Straight Cuts...
  • Fixed Center Molded Channel Reduces Blade Offset And Guesswork
  • Self-Adhesive Non-Chip Strip Attaches To The Bottom Of Your Ngx Clamp Edge And Reduces Top Edge Tear-Out For A Smooth Finish
  • Quick-Release Clamps Are Adjustable So Your Saw Goes On And Off The Plate Effortlessly
  • Aluminum Guide Rails Position Your Saw Accurately Every Time

BORA NGX is an inexpensive solution to get more from circular saws. You can use this track system to get accurate cuts and avoid the expenses of a dedicated table or track saw. The guide features thinner track rails and plate guides which offer accuracy for straight cuts. You may experience a little bit of bow on the front but it does not have any effect on the accuracy of cuts.

Furthermore, you can attach the saw plates to the bottom of the saw's shoe to make it perfectly fit on the guide. There are not two but three points of contact that hold the saw in place. The design of the plate is universal which allows you to fit it with most saws. It might take a little work to make them fit but it will all work out in the end.

That said, the material of the plate appears flimsy but the build of the saw’s shoes stabilizes it. Furthermore, the clamping side of the plate has a rail base that rests lightly on the material. This allows you to work on some of the thinnest sheets. Nonetheless, it is added in this blog of best circular saw guides for all the goodness it offers.  

In addition, it has two styles of clamps which are designed for different types of cuts. One of them is ideal for the standard straight cuts while another can be used for cutting angles.

  • Pros
  • Three contact points
  • Rests lightly on sheets
  • Fits with most saws
  • Two types of clamps for different purposes
  • Cons
  • The plate material is flimsy

6. BORA 100” WTX Clamp Edge and Saw Plate

BORA 100" WTX Clamp Edge and Saw Plate Set for Woodworking, Contractors, Carpenters and DIY, Guide...
  • WTX Clamp Edge is made of heavy-gauge, extruded aluminum for extreme durability
  • Adjustable clamp end on straight edge slides easily up and down to fit material to be cut
  • Locking clamp edge handle grabs work surfaces for a secure edge that won't budge
  • Clamp Edge and Extension include ruled edge for easy measuring. Length-62.75 inch, Width-3 inch, Height-1.5 inch
  • Adjustable channel on saw plate fits a wide variety of straight edges up to 3. 5” wide

Bora 100” is a contractor-grade guide that offers straight cuts as wide as 100-inches. The guide can be disassembled into two 50-inch pieces for ease of transportation. The mounting plate of the guide fits almost all the circular saws and the structure can withstand professional workloads without compromising on the overall strength.

WTX is a completely straight edge system. It not just works with circular saws but also with routers, jigsaws, and other tools that are required to keep moving in a straight line. This makes the unit very versatile and suitable for a variety of jobs. 

Contact points of the guide keep the system security on a project. Furthermore, the material used in contact is very soft. Hence, there would be no damage to the material even if you are using heavy-duty equipment on it. You can connect it anywhere without worrying about the crushing of fibers or fraying the edges when you mount it.

Furthermore, the clamp of the guide is adjustable which allows you to mount it anywhere. And it offers the most secure grip by far. The design also includes open space on the motor side of the saw plate which enables one locking clamp as well.

The system is made up of aluminum which offers premium strength and imparts durability to the product. The layer of aluminum is much thicker than what is standard in most guides which puts it a tier above in terms of strength and sturdiness.

The only downside to this guide is that it can only be used with a WTX saw plate which has to be purchased separately. However, most contractors would overlook it because of the premium performance of the unit.

  • Pros
  • Strengthened and durable unit
  • Can be disassembled into two pieces
  • Contact points secure sheets perfectly in place
  • Works with routers and jigsaws as well
  • Versatile
  • Cons
  • WTX plates have to be purchased separately

7. WoodRiver 4' x 8' Guide Rail Kit

WoodRiver Guide Rail 4' x 8' Kit
  • Two 56" Guide Rail components feature heavy-duty aluminum extrusions
  • Guide rail component has a 2-1/8" x 1/2" profile with integral 1/4" T-tracks
  • Guide rail connector locks together multiple guide rails to form a continuous guide
  • Clamps swivel about the “T” shaped anchor at any angle - Guide rail clamps secure the guide rail at each end
  • WoodRiver is proudly made by Woodcraft, America’s leading supplier of saws, planes, power tools, hand tools, wood stain and...

WoodRiver Guide Rail is a complete package that can be used to guide the tool for ripping, crosscutting, and even routing on panels of any size. The components of the guide rail feature heavy-duty aluminum and it comes with all the necessary accessories. These include a guide rail connector and guide rail clamp pair. Point is, that you would not have to purchase anything extra to work with this guide.

The entire system weighs just about 3.6 pounds which makes it very convenient to travel with. Furthermore, you can break it down into two pieces to make things even easier. The connection of the two sections joins via aluminum extrusion which holds the components together. The Allen set screws to ensure that the connection remains tight and secure.

The rail clamps of the guide lock both ends and prevent them from moving which increases accuracy. That said, it is suitable for material only up to 56” but at that size, it will enhance the cutting skills, and allow the stock to be locked which consequently perfects the design.

  • Pros
  • Durable and nice finishn
  • Locks the material at both ends
  • Lightweight
  • Breaks down into two pieces
  • All components are included
  • Cons
  • A bit expensive

Buyers Guide For Circular Saw Guide Rails

To ensure the right purchase, it is a must to opt for these saw guiding rails with certain features. If you think the purchased product doesn’t have following attributes. Then, we would suggest not to buy that saw guide. However, at times what we need to know are the basics – how to buy and what to buy makes it easier to buy without any involvement of risk. 

Keeping that in mind. We have listed some features for the right pick.

1. Material

The first and foremost thing to look for in a rail guide is the material used in its construction. Usually, these are either built from aluminum and/or aluminum. Both of these offer decent durability but there are subtle differences that make their applications a bit different.

Steel is much more accurate, durable, and robust. At times, but it has a heavier weight. Aluminum is a bit less durable than steel but offers the convenience of lightweight. Steel is reserved for professional and commercial use whereas aluminum is decent enough for home use.

2. Grip

Guides usually have material which helps in gripping material. This material prevents them from slipping as well as sliding grip while you are making a cut. However, if we see foam rubber, it is a decent material but it is noticed that clamps are much better at work. Guides that have clamps at each end offer the straightest or precise cuts but are more expensive. That said, clamps also cause problems with the ratcheting system. The craftsman finds difficulty in using the guide. What is the possible solution? Use the guide that has a smooth clamping system and a low profile.

3. Length

Length is a very crucial feature to look for while purchasing a guide. The length of the rail should at least be as long as the wood that you want to cut. Typically, the guides have sizes between 36 to 50 inches but some go as high as 100 inches. However, those are reserved for professionals who have to work with heavy-duty saws on exceptionally long wood sheets.

4. Weight

The weight of the guides is important because those workers have to work from different places. You do not want to carry a heavy weight every time you step out for work. Hence, it is important to understand the inconvenience that a heavier rail will bring. Choose heavier rails, if you work from the workshop but opt for the lighter ones if you have to carry them with you all the time.


Saw rail guides are designed to offer as straight cut as possible but no single guide is suitable for all. Everyone has different preferences and hence the choice of rail guide. We have mentioned some of the best that the market has to offer. If we have to pick one it would be E. Emerson Tool Co’s because of its lightweight, versatility, and an affordable price tag. It would suit a wider audience. We hope this piece has been helpful.